DNA Testing Through a Company Like Pathway Genomic Helps People Design Better Lifestyles

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Having DNA testing performed by a company such as Pathway Genomic can provide a variety of interesting information, but people may wonder whether those details are truly useful. Having medical-related genetic testing done through a doctor might seem more useful than learning about genotypes involving metabolism, digestion and mental general health. As long as the customer takes action on the information provided, the affordable cost of the testing can be very worthwhile.


For many people, the test results confirm something they have suspected all along but have had trouble convincing others about. For example, someone who struggles to lose weight and has no success with a high-protein diet may face skepticism about her adherence to the meal plan. The genomic test confirms that her metabolism will not respond effectively to a high-protein diet, as it is better at burning carbohydrates.

Sleep Patterns

Another example is someone who has always been a “night person” and has consistently been told this is not an inherent characteristic. DNA testing shows that it is, although the person may not be thrilled to hear this characteristic is considered a gene mutation.

An Easier Lifestyle

With all of these types of information, a person can design a lifestyle that is friendlier to his or her innate preferences. A night owl might choose a second shift or third shift job, for instance, finally releasing the struggle to get up at 6 a.m. five days a week. Someone who burns carbs effectively can give up eating all the meat that wasn’t very appealing anyway, and focus more on healthy grains, vegetables and fruit.


This type of DNA testing is not intended to help people manage illnesses they already have or to make decisions regarding illnesses they are at risk of developing. Those considerations should be handled in consultation with professional health care practitioners. Instead, private testing like this can allow people to improve their health and wellness through better decisions about lifestyle. Nearly everyone agrees that eating less and exercising more is useful in efforts to lose weight, but knowing which foods are metabolized more effectively adds more power to that effort.